Hayato has been working in the game industry for 13 years as a game designer, and participated in a wide variety of projects including J2ME, MMO, browser and mobile games, also worked on educational tablet games for kids in more recently. He is self-reliant, good at rapid prototyping, and loves game jams, creating more than 10 games in them. Proficient with Construct 2 and Unity with PlayMaker.

Passionate with the possibilities that reside on the other side of the computer screen, he jumped into VR development since 2 years ago, starting from Oculus Rift DK2, and officially became a full-time VR developer since 2016.

The Path of Red Mages: Making Games with PlayMaker

For a game designer without specific programming ability, is it possible to create a videogame alone? Do you always must code? With the advancement of various authoring tools, learning to code may not be the only way.

PlayMaker is a visual scripting tool plugin for Unity3D. With a powerful visual editor for state machines and more, it let users to create all kinds of interactivity without writing even a single line of code, providing game designers and artists to quickly come up with proofs of concept and prototypes. However, PlayMaker can be more than that, as it can also create a full-fledged game, or be built into the production pipeline of your game studio, even when the project scale is potentially huge.

I will use projects that I participated in as examples, discussing how we can utilize PlayMaker’s functionality and visual debugging techiques, in the hope of giving another path to take to people who want to develop videogames, but don’t know how to code.

* This session will be conducted in Mandarin.