Eddie Yu

Eddie Yu

Eddie Yu, a self-proclaimed master of soy milk and freelance music arranger. He works on BGMs and audio design during the day and develops games with GameMaker in the night. Eating doesn’t feel right for him without GDC videos, and sleeping isn’t possible without reading a few Gamasutra articles first. Eddie has gaming experience on a multitude of consoles, from Famicom to PS4, and his favorite game is Cave Story. He began creating electronic music in recent years and is completely fascinated with the endless possibilities music can bring to games.

How does Audio Increase Enjoyment in Games?

This talk will introduce the basic concepts of acoustics and the role BGMs and sound effects play in a videogame. Outstanding audio design examples will be analyzed: Braid, Cave Story, Dark Souls, and Nidhogg are a few examples. Yu will also share techniques for improving sound quality and suggestions for how to collaborate with audio designers. All who are interested in audio design are welcome to attend and discuss the possibilities of audio in games.

If you have any questions concerning the topic, you’re welcome to list them in this form before coming to the talk: https://goo.gl/forms/bBVYB5Bi4W9cpG8j2

* This session will be conducted in Mandarin.